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Zeret Kitchen isn’t the most charming and picturesque place in London, but the food here is worth visiting Camberwell. Ethiopian food may not be on everyone’s food list, heck, it might not even be on the list. But trust me, this is great.
Zeret lay alone on a promenade, next to a huge high-rise building. It can be difficult to find and you would think you are actually going in the wrong direction, which is forgivable, but the fragrance of spices from nearby restaurants strongly suggests that you are going in the right direction. The aroma will entice anyone to come in and sample authentic Ethiopian cuisine – I firmly believe this is a hidden gem in South London.






might not sound like much right now, but Zeret’s warm and charming interior and super-friendly, enthusiastic staff make for quite a comfortable dining experience. He may be completely dead when he gets there early, but don’t let that fool you, because as the night begins to stabilize, crowds of customers start flocking to want a piece of this delicious East African delicacy. The dishes on the
Zeret menu can seem confusing, and it may even start to look a bit silly, but there are two loving women on hand recommending dishes that fit your recipe, whether you want a lot of meat on your plate or want to a heavier vegetarian dish.
This is all about Zeret’s surprise, but don’t panic, nothing will cause a culture shock. My friends, this is a great dish, I mean sharing is great. It said it was for two people, but in my opinion, it can easily feed four people. Chapter
I heard you say, what is this Zeret surprise? Well, it contains the following.
I know you are still confused, but it is actually a simple and delicious thing. Basically, the base is injera, a popular Ethiopian flatbread, which tastes almost similar to sourdough, but is softer and more elastic. This flatbread is an important part of the meal, because there is no knife, fork or spoon in sight, it is the only way to eat and clean the last piece of the top main course. It is also an excellent base for absorbing all the creamy and savory sauces and spices in meat and lentils. Not only that, the staff provided more rolled injera in a neat little basket. The
ingredients are a variety of tender, slow-cooked beef cubes, grilled chicken, creamy chickpea sauce, spiced beef, soft lentils and fresh, lightly marinated salads. Collect all these ingredients, as well as a large piece of Ingila, and your taste buds can enjoy a grand African feast. It is healthy, it is really made of the heart, but the most important thing is that it is super correct.

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