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The Sun and 13 Cantons were known to host some bloody and exciting pop-ups in those days, so going to see another one on the weekend is a no-brainer.
XXVI is the brainchild of Joe Allen and Aaron Thomas, both good friends, as well as talented and creative chefs. The two had worked in some of the best restaurants in the capital, but now they want to focus on doing their own thing. XXVI combines Indian and Nepalese influences, Joe and Aaron have their own opinions on things.
In recent days, only XXVI has put together a menu, carefully crafted for those who want to eat their favorite wine while eating grass. This may not be the largest menu in the world, but it doesn’t mean that the food is limited. . As for the price, who can argue. It’s very cheap and worth every.
penny. That night, we ordered everything and enjoyed it, even putting a delicious and delicate pork tongue on top of the fluffy homemade palata, bathed in chili sauce -I personally would prefer chili sauce- and momo. gentle. They are small meatballs stuffed with minced chicken, topped with an addictive achar of tomato and coriander.
In terms of veggies, the crunchiest onion bhajis with dill and mint chutney went through a storm with this group of people. What I like about them is that the bhajis are not greasy and are cut into thin slices instead of pancakes. you will sometimes see it in many curry houses.
As for chickpea curry, it is definitely a delicacy, chickpeas are soft, juicy, and delicious, paired with crispy, charred cauliflower and broccoli.
My personal favorite for the evening is the cod fillet. Dusted with mild spices, these bad boys have a crispy outer skin, but a soft, meaty interior. They are very soaked in turmeric aioli. The idea behind
FoodPunk is to showcase the delicious food that London must offer, whether it’s to go to different restaurants, eat at a food market or search for some hidden gems in the city center. Regardless of how it looks and tastes, I want to scream and get people involved, taste delicious food, and see some hot spots.

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