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Slim Chickens is very popular in the United States, she boasted that her food changed her life, determined to leave her mark, and brought some southern fried food to London. In fact, this is a strong statement that this special place produces crispy and delicious fried chicken. It is definitely the best fried chicken I have ever tasted.
Slim Chickens is essentially a fast food restaurant, but their fast food is very good. The service is really top-notch, the order will be delivered directly to your table soon, the music focuses on catchy blues and rock music, and the sweet guitar solo is integrated into the mix. The venue is infused with a fresh and cool atmosphere. To the scene.
The menu is very delicious, including boneless sandwiches, grilled chicken burgers, delicious chicken wings, and even salads, but they are even a bit naughty, with croutons, cheese and fried onions to taste. The
burgers are a good size, not too messy, they are compact and the chicken is nicely sandwiched between two pieces of toast. Offering hot beef and honey barbecue and simple veggie burgers, the staff claims Cayenne Ranch is the most popular restaurant, featuring thick, crispy chicken breasts mixed with plenty of ranch sauce, lettuce, sweet kimchi, and crispy fried onions. ingested a few minutes after arrival.
On the other hand, the wings are dipped in a rich hot sauce (obviously Franks). For more of the taste, there are many sauces to choose from – honey mustard, Korean barbecue, mango havana, etc. – but for me in terms of blue cheese, there is no question. You’ll inevitably get a little messy from eating these hearty wings, but yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to lick the Franks hot sauce off your fingers. Don’t let it go to waste!
If calories are not your thing, but happiness is your thing, try the chicken fillet-season with cajun flavor, lightly coat with breadcrumbs, cook until golden brown and crispy, but it is best to be juicy inside. Dip those bad boys in the sauce of your choice (please continue to send me blue cheese!). Finally, I recommend crispy onions-thinly sliced ​​and grated into bite-sized bites, they are really a tastier snack, once you start taking a few bites, they will disappear before anyone can eat them.
Slim Chickens is great, you can’t deny that their menu is reminiscent of tempting and simple food. Thankfully, Trump did not prevent Slim’s from reaching our shores, because with such good chicken, it will become a good place to eat fast food.

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