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I really like Ichibuns because I am one of the lucky few who travel to Japan, and it will definitely emulate their kicking atmosphere, their crazy fast pace.
Imagine walking into one of those crazy noisy arcades. This is how this place is. 4,444 Japanese souvenirs can be seen everywhere, from retro Japanese manga and posters to famous anime characters. If this isn’t cool enough for us geeks, the downstairs bar has some major shizznets, such as bulky speakers and televisions. And pachinko (Japanese arcade game).
The food is simple, fast and comfortable. However, it is not just a fast food restaurant, it has characteristics and substance behind it.
Yes, it all has to do with hamburgers, because we have a hard time facing reality and it is difficult to turn down the opportunity to shove one of the bad guys, but in addition to them, Ichibuns also offers a generous plate of ramen.
In terms of snacks, Wagyu Cheeseburger Harumaki are delicious deep-fried spring rolls stuffed with cheeseburger fillings. Absolute heaven, even the snow crab is equally impressive, if you want different forms of wagyu and snow crab it won’t be that heavy and you can order it as a Maki roll.
As a fan of and addicted to fried chicken, Ichibuns’ tender, crispy chicken strips are simple and their smoky sauce is full of praise. Maybe I should ask what’s inside …
Burger is where it is. They do it right, like the Ichiban beef burger, barbecue sauce, and all the usual suspects: tomatoes, pickles, and lettuce. Ichiban Burger may not be Japanese, but don’t rush for it, because this restaurant goes a step further than other Asian-style breads, including Panko: croquette, topped with Japanese kimchi and tomato sauce. Curry or chicken wins. -Fried chicken with panko skin, tomatoes, Japanese coleslaw and mayonnaise. With a slice of French fries, you will never be disappointed.
Ichibuns is the place to go now. Food, cocktails and music will immerse you in the party atmosphere, which perfectly fits the London culture. Get ready to wait, because this place has just opened, so its name is now in everyone’s mouth. As they said, patience is a virtue, believe me it is worth it, so go to Ichibuns to take a risk and immerse yourself in Japanese culture. The whole idea of ​​
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