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Pop Brixton has a knack for having a first-class restaurant. We all know Kricket, this luxurious Indian restaurant has grown and grown since it left its mark there, but now Smoke and Salt is ready to take root and follow suit.
is an understatement to say that it is compact, this restaurant is very compact, but it definitely still has an attractive style and character. With only a few tables (in and out) and a counter against the wall, this place will soon be full. However, what I like about this place is that it is very attractive, warm and informal. Music is all the rage, from 90s hip hop to classic rock, but I was particularly surprised by the open kitchen because it’s what you’d like to find in a studio, although it’s more impressive and they created it from there. .
Food has a wonderful combination of different styles of flavors, techniques and influences. Somehow it just works, each plate flows well, and the table is not cluttered with multiple plates.
First of all, the sweet corn fritters are delicious, sweet and juicy, just like a dog that bites a bone, you will gnaw until there is nothing left. It’s carefully fried and then dipped in the kale sauce for extra flavor.
Mushroom Gnocchi is a dish with many different textures and flavors, which is the dream of vegetables. All kinds of wild mushrooms are fried very well, sprinkled with fluffy yam cubes “Gnocchi” (hope I can eat more on the plate), crispy sticks and a ball of pesto, let you participate. It looks like a lot of things have happened, but it works well.
Then came the chalky trout, delicate fillets, lightly marinated, with a strong earthy flavor. Next to it is the taste of gentleman, this classic side dish of the fish, slightly salty, with torch burning green tomatoes, is a tempting gourmet delicacy.
Perhaps my favorite smoked salt dish is curry goat, which has a huge and spicy taste. It is certainly impactful, but when it comes to curry like this, this is exactly what you want. Large pieces of goat are slowly roasted in rich dark wine, and you have precious time to absorb all these spicy spices. Even better, the meat is cooked to the extent that it still retains its shape and retains moisture, but it will peel off immediately when stuffed in. Putting the goat in the bun is the only way to deal with this bad boy. After a few bites, you will feel a little hot. I hope the guys keep this dish on the menu for the foreseeable future, it will definitely be a winner!
Smoke and Salt is the only dessert worth mentioning because it’s simple, but considering its main body is a smooth, buttery-fermented honey muffin, it’s surprisingly not too heavy. Served with healthy whipped cream burritos, crumbled honeycombs, and plump blackberries, the serving size is enough for two people to share.
With its ever-changing seasonal menu offering new things, diners are sure to want more and more. Pop Brixton seems like a good place for new and future places, but I think Smoke and Salt seem to go well for the physical store, rather than staying in modified shipping containers. The food is excellent and the price is incredible value for money. The whole idea of ​​
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