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Melbourne is very European. It is a city that embodies the London culture and has the young characteristics of Manchester. If you link these two cities, Melbourne is more or less like this. This is a splendid city and a city that suits me. First of all, the climate is very similar to my home. They say that Melbourne has four seasons a day. Well, apart from the snow, Melbourne has almost all the other elements that happened in England. It can be hot, sunny, cloudy, windy and cold in 24 hours. So I can understand why people prefer to live or visit Melbourne.
This city is decorated with unique buildings, some of which are very psychedelic and remote. There are many areas where the buildings seem to be arranged in an irregular way and cannot be put together very well, they seem to come from a dystopian future. Melbourne is very creative, elegant and has a sense of freedom, where people can be themselves and have a good time. Like Manchester, this is a city full of young students who enjoy life and make the most of it. Not only are some buildings impressive, but the street art is impressive too, they dominate the alleys, where talented artists express themselves and do some very outlandish works. It gives the city its character and its life.
I don’t think anyone will be bored in this city. It is active 24/7 every day, and there is always something new to do. It is so leisurely, for a city that is constantly changing and always on the go, there is no hustle and bustle like London, it is a breath of fresh air.
It’s easy to walk around and the tram system is great. Not only is it always reliable, consistent and efficient, but it is also a very economical means of transportation. The biggest advantage of the tram system is that it is free in the CBD. The free tram zone runs through the city center, even if you are not in the area, the fare will not satisfy you.
There is something for everyone, whether it’s shopping in the city center, visiting the main attractions and getting to know the city itself, or just having fun in clubs and bars at night. Whatever there is in Melbourne, it is a glorious moment.
Words cannot describe how amazing this place is. For all you meat lovers this is the best restaurant in Melbourne. Reserve some money and have fun in this place, because it is definitely worth it. From appetizers to entrees, this place is simply heaven, and its steaks are cooked with all due respect.
Rare’s croquettes are filled with jalapenos, corn, and smoked paprika mayo, and their steak tartar is delicious, sprinkled with a moderate amount of soft walnuts and slimy egg yolks.
Then there are the juicy large steaks and frankly they are just amazing. The bar is scored and cooked to perfection, with many delicious side dishes, including huge herbs and flat garlic mushrooms, topped with feta cheese, brown fries, grilled vegetables, and super rich juices. If that’s not enough, give He comes from Rare’s broccoli. Roast with cauliflower once.

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