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London is a great melting pot because it is a city that prides itself on its multicultural society. There is no doubt that one of the advantages of having such a diverse and unique cultural landscape is food. In every corner of every street, there is something for everyone, be it Chinese, Indian, Mexican or Caribbean. The great choice for this multicultural center to open to us is that over the years it has not only produced some of the best food, but also brought a community spirit that other cities don’t have (in my opinion).
Portobello Market is a good example. Historically famous for its antique shops, vintage fashion boutiques and pirate record booths, it now offers delicious dishes prepared by locals who bring some culture and inspiration from all over the world. There are quaint Italian cafes hidden in commercial markets, large American doughnuts sold on the street, and Thai restaurants a few meters from the main avenue. Like most places in London, there are many places to choose from, which is why this city is so good for food.
At one end of the market facing Ladbroke Grove is a cluster of street food stalls serving a variety of delicious and vibrant food.
A particularly popular surprise is the charming ladies of Arepa e Quinoa. Now I don’t like to eat healthier options. Although it should, the cornbread pancakes made by these girls are filled with delicious food, including chicken, peas, quinoa, avocado, red onion, banana, kale, spinach, and guacamole. Oh by the way, I secretly ate some cheese too. It is full, warm, full of different flavors and textures. In mid-January, everyone eats healthier. These delicious Colombian pancakes will definitely be a hit. Good news for those who don’t eat meat or are trying to cut down on meat. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available. From.
Sorry, the health section of the blog is over here, because I have to yell at the Bratwurst Brats gang that cooks traditional German sausages. Their five-cigarette smoked sausage comes in hot dog buns with various toppings, including the simmered chili beef, but for me, it’s all about having lots of cheddar cheese, crispy onions, pork belly, and a drop of hot sauce. very good. It’s a mess, but the damn taste is so good. Yes, not for the faint-hearted, but you know the old saying that you only live once.
If street food isn’t on your schedule, I highly recommend Boom Burger, Jamaican-style burgers, chicken, and fish that bring sunshine, spices, and great flavors to Portobello Road. Next to Boom Burger is Makan, a great Malaysian cafe. I have tried their food in the past. The food in it may not be much, but the food makes up for it 100%. You never know that you might meet Damon Albarn. Makan is cheap, made with care and is the closest thing to home for me.
No matter what you like, Portobello Road has it all. It’s easy to be attracted to it, you can spend a few hours there, why not? Seeing the sights of Starbucks and the subway may be a bit distracting, but it hasn’t lost its charm – if locals produce food on a regular basis, there’s no reason to miss out. There is more to discover. Get out and fall for prying eyes.

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