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On the outskirts of Brixton there is a small community called Naughty Piglets. For those who live in the area, the place they have is really cool because it will definitely impress any newcomer. This is a small, private restaurant with a very busy open bar and a kitchen by the entrance, where attractive shared dishes are placed. There is a quiet and reserved area behind
, without many tables, but for those who want to relax and unwind, the atmosphere here is perfect.
When it comes to food, Naughty Piglets offers a variety of dishes to choose from, focusing primarily on fish and meat, as well as a few vegetables to choose from. With excellent service and knowledge of the equipment, there are almost no headaches when choosing the product to buy. But for large groups, all this is easy.
The portion of Naughty Pig is far from stingy. The croquettes are simple because they have a rich cream filling and are stuffed with chunks of ham. Each serving costs at least 2 pounds, or at least 4 pieces. Ordering more is easy, but saves space for the rest of the menu. . Raw Beef
is essentially steak tartare, but they twirled it a bit on top, adding a bit of ground beef and coffee, giving it incredible bitterness. It certainly works, it’s delicious with sweet cucumber slices, crunchy green onions, and kale. The execution of the main course
is also excellent. We ate a delicious piece of pork belly, marinated in Korean spices, and then carefully steamed and broiled until almost springy and spread out. Use a good slice of gojuchang for a bit of stimulation and use sesame wilted veggies for the nuts, which is almost perfect on the plate.
is more eye-catching is Herdwick lamb, which puts delicious slices of lamb on top of salted anchovy emulsion. The burnt lettuce corners provide a delicious delicacy, and there is even some cheeky chopped lamb chocolate. This is a dish that will put a smile on your face immediately and come back again and again.
Dessert is also very simple, donuts are well made. A fair amount of sugary delight, topped with fresh lemon curd cream. Nothing can compare to this combination of hot and cold. The whole concept of
FoodPunk is to showcase the delicious food that London must offer, whether it’s to go to different restaurants, eat at a food market, or search for some hidden gems in the city center. Regardless of how it looks and taste, I want to shout out and get people involved, taste delicious food, and see some hot spots.

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