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The man behind Gunpowder comes from Mrs. D, and the inspiration behind this place has a particularly fascinating history. The story goes like this: A woman was expelled from China, ventured across Tibet and Nepal to sell opium, then came to India, where she met a man who smuggled her to London. I know it’s a bit mysterious and dark, but without this story, Mrs. D wouldn’t have brought the hot plate to the table.
Food is delicious and delicious, but if the kids have a caustic impact, if you like your spices, Mrs. D will definitely provide them!
This is a very good place to eat. Like Mrs D’s story, the restaurant should be dark, a world away from the hustle and bustle of East London, with a simple and private atmosphere. Of course, it is better to share food with a group of friends or family. When it comes to choosing the dishes to order, there are many things to solve, and the task becomes more difficult, which is undoubtedly a headache.
Choose snacks from the menu, the restaurant’s meat snacks are the perfect way to start the event. Ground beef has a beautiful balance of spice, wrapped in buttery puff shells, just like those bad boys – and so are the moms! Momos are similar to dumplings / dumplings. At Madame D’s, the pork momos are smothered in ridiculous tomato-garlic chutney, while the vegetable substitutes are dipped in a rich garlic-blood-red pepper sauce. Take two rounds seriously!
My favorite is the lamb masala noodles. This mischievous little number has great average flavor, with soft slices of lamb and masala spices coated on the noodles, and at the end a runny omelette – squash the yolk and smother it. It will definitely make you feel hot, if you can take the heat, try smashing that plate yourself.
Fire and heat always come For vegetables, choose aubergine. You will not be disappointed, it is a soft paste aubergine stuffed with earthy mushrooms, just like the vegetable momos, stuffed with spicy sauce.
You may think that all of these peppers will completely destroy your taste buds, but that’s not the case. Perhaps there are two dishes that can be used as substitutes: Himalayan fried chicken and fried duck thighs. However, both dishes are a bit bland. , which I especially like My duck and fried chicken. Fried chicken is a dish that I go to in the city or anywhere in the world, so it’s a bit disappointing not to have that super crunchy layer, the duck is a bit dry, it’s only preserved by the sauce that comes in.
All can be forgiven, because soft gel ribs are essential. The best thing about ribs is that they cook slowly to perfection, which is certainly noticeable when you peel the meat off the bone with a fork.
Madame D must have quite a few dishes to choose from, and most of them are out of this world. It’s just a few small mistakes that make this a great restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, I will definitely visit again because I like the influence and bold flavor created by Ms. D. Next time I hope the fried chicken is super crispy.

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