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Lewis again? I know I can’t believe it myself. First it was the sparrow, now it is the market model. Lewisham quickly got into the world of food for the following reasons. As part of the
street party, the model market looks just like her big daddy. It may be a lot smaller in scale, but there’s still plenty of delicious food (ink, mommy pinball, Petare to name a few) to surprise you, not only does it have enough flow of alcohol and tunes to keep up with your entire nail.
was once a booming market in the 20th century, this little abandoned center has been transformed into a food stall, from bastards and bad boy steaks to delicious meatballs and rich homemade chocolate cakes. With the good weather we are experiencing, there is no better way to visit this place at night.
My Mama`s Favorite Jerk is the hit next to the entrance. These guys are serious about bee knees and offer bastard wraps, wings, and fried banana, which is an irresistible spot. Their juicy spiced wings make your mouth water, if you like things hot, hot and hot, you are the winner. I like mommy bastards, there really isn’t another bastard who can match them.
is just a few doors down from Mama`s Jerk on my grill. A large piece of meat cooked into a Barbie doll, then immediately sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonto a plate with some veal dripping with fries, shallots, and bell peppers. This, my friend, will weaken anyone’s knees, and you will get some ribeye, sirloin, griddle, chuck, Denver, and Bavit cooked as you require (rare for me). However, I have to quickly add that if you want to do it right, you can also GTFO. Up In My Grill has only two small problems. Shin Nuggets are sold out-they look great and need more salt. Take out your inner Salt Bae and sprinkle with rock salt.
Nanban brought Japanese soul food to Brixton and is currently sharing love in Lewisham. I am a fan of fried chicken, so it is impossible for me to refuse the opportunity to eat it, especially when it is persuaded by Asians. Although the fried chicken is decent enough, I still prefer Korean style to eat it with miso scotch whisky. By the way, fried jackfruit is extremely delicious.
Still with the Asian theme, the dumpling guys made a lot of fillings, including pork belly and leeks, shrimp, shrimp, crab and shiitake mushrooms, spinach and water chestnut. The filling is overflowing, with crispy shallots and chili sauce on top, I recommend buying all kinds, as their logo says, this is for #nosharing. Dumpling Boy will make you want more. Chapter
The Brownie At The Pastry Shop Is Too Sweet, I Swear I’m About To Fall Apart The way these pimps guys are by providing different toppings and a scoop of ice cream. It is difficult to resist, if you are not defeated by this monster, we salute you.

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