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The mint name, natural peppermint, this is how the peppermint gun club works.
Located in the heart of Stoke Newington, this unique restaurant combines strong cocktails, distinctive pantry-style food, and smooth jazz and hip-hop beats. This is all thanks to Richard Hunt (Milk & Honey, Hawksmoor, Mahiki), his jet-set life and dedication to the cause have made the Mint Gun Club a collective act in North London. Everything is homemade, from vibrant gimlet cocktails that get the taste buds vibrating, to refreshing tonics and soda – a bowl of plump, juicy Noccelara olives, it’s all so good.
Oh, and kimchi, ricotta cheese, and soft sourdough herbs have been a game changer. It may be the best kimchi in London, we’ve been to Korea. This place is not pretentious, only a lot of love and the atmosphere of a cafe/deli, adding a laid-back, laid-back atmosphere. It really feels like a club, so everyone signs in and enjoys a delicious cocktail. The whole idea of ​​
FoodPunk is to showcase the amazing food that London has to offer, whether it’s going to various restaurants, eating in a food market, or even looking for some hidden gems in the center of the city. No matter how it looks and tastes, I want to yell, get people involved, eat some delicious food, and see some interesting places.

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