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If someone told me that Lewisham was a place to eat a few years ago, would my answer be “true”? But all of this has changed now, because Lewisham is undergoing a massive revival and rebuilding. Not only does the area have its own street party (model market) where the likes of Mama`s Jerk and Mother Clucker make people happy, but now there is a restaurant, Sparrow, that calls the word East London on the streets of the south.
Don’t be fooled by the shabby look of this place, just moved in. Sparrows are serious, and their people come from a variety of respectable restaurants: St. John’s, Plaza, and Pollen Street. Social to name, but there are a few, you can hope this set only gets better, go a few places. It is casual, elegant, and has a very nice atmosphere, just like an open kitchen that produces products.
In terms of menu, Sparrow aims to provide the best seasonal and local ingredients, and will not be classified into a specific kitchen. Plus, it’s about sharing dishes and getting into trouble.
We immediately decided that the five dishes starting from bruschetta were a duo of mushrooms and zucchini. It might be a bit small, but it didn’t take anything away. It was delicious. We even ordered twice.
For the meat, try the umami-soaked pork and anchovy seasoning, with crispy shallots. It is not only rich in taste, but also has a bagged taste, and it can also be mixed with the egg yolk oozing from the half-boiled egg.
Roast leg of lamb is the winner. The tender meat slices, the beans underneath absorb all the gravy and parsley leaves, and are topped with capers and lemon; spring and summer are good choices.
Unfortunately, there are not many choices for vegetarians, but the creamy green risotto is mixed with a lot of herbal oil, and is topped with smooth goat cheese and roasted hazelnuts. It will satisfy the public.
If this was not enough, Crab ordered, without regret, it was quickly demolished. Spread it thickly on the sourdough with cilantro butter and it is delicious.
As Lewisham becomes increasingly gentrified, Sparrow is sure to become a success story, and such a place is expected to inspire restaurant owners and gourmets in the area to follow in its footsteps. Now, let us hope that Lewisham can catch this little gem.

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