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If you are looking for a simple, informal and relaxing environment, then BRAT is for you. No pretentiousness, no glitz, just wonderful food and drinks. Restaurant
is located upstairs, just above the award-winning Smoking Goat restaurant, which is decorated with an open bar and kitchen. It dominates the roaring wood stove with the roaring embers, and next to it is a beast-like grill, only a few chefs calmly do their jobs and prepare food with care. You just share dishes, entrees, and desserts, and there are plenty of good options to feast your eyes. The great thing about the.
BRATs is that they use simple ingredients very well. Take the tender leeks that have just been burned on the grill and place them delicately on the plate of burrata and sweet and creamy peas, you will not be fresher and cleaner. They only got a light grill and no work was done on them. Like edamame, they are more fragrant, with a pinch of sea salt and a little olive oil, they disappear in an instant. For the meaty BRAT`S, the pork and seaweed salami (seaweed) is a good snack, very fatty and their steak tartare, although it lacks a bit of calories to compensate for the increased crunchy sourdough the size of an ant. Take a bite.
The largest plate is where BRAT occupies the center position, makes the most of the wood oven and grill, although we do not have fish at night, the meat is excellent. The juicy, sexy, and delicious steak has just been grilled to a delicious level, and the best thing is obviously the little fat at the end of the pink slices. Order an extra serving of super smooth, creamy and rich raw onion butter sourdough toast, which is necessary to remove all the important sauce. The butter itself is worth ordering.
Burnt grilled cheesecake with sweet ripe peaches and simple syrup finishes perfectly after a delicious meal.
BRAT is a bright and clean small restaurant that serves and showcases the best British cuisine. The service is perfect, and the reception team welcomes guests warmly and thoughtfully. BRAT is a quirky and original seal house, and its dress must be impressive. The whole idea of ​​
FoodPunk is to showcase the amazing food that London has to offer, whether it’s going to various restaurants, eating at a food market, or even looking for some hidden gems in the center of the city. Regardless of its appearance and taste, I want to yell and get people involved, eat some delicious food, and learn about some interesting places.

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