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Mam (pronounced Mum) is an excellent restaurant worth visiting over and over again.
is located on All Saints Road. The restaurant focuses on providing fresh and tempting Vietnamese cuisine while encouraging everyone to immerse themselves in it. It’s casual, cool, and friendly, but more importantly, the food is very good.
Mam showed off her Vietnamese cuisine, including the classic rice and phos bowls. However, it is all about Vietnamese barbecue and dishes to share. This is where Mam really comes to life with the food they produce.
Starting with chicken, these scrumptious wings are hands down the best since sliced ​​bread. With a sweet and crunchy coating, they are tossed into the fish sauce, which only adds a zipper to them. The meat is juicy, no matter who is around, it just gnaws at the bones. Of course yes. If I live in the area, I will order a bucket of them to take home. Mom, please always keep wings on the menu.
Other highlights include Cha Gio, a particularly crispy spring roll filled with earthy mushrooms and soft tofu, which is best paired with mom’s delicious sauce and spicy meatballs containing a mixture of chicken, shrimp and water chestnut. Of course they will have a huge impact.
Mam`s Banh Xeo is a crunchy crepe filled with chicken, shrimp and bean sprouts. The best way to eat it is to chop it up, wrap it in a piece of lettuce, dip it in as much sauce as possible, and then swallow it. The
restaurant’s custom stove-end grill is also well utilized. The pork shoulder skewers and shrimp skewers deservedly got a good grill, with a homemade sauce made from shrimp paste, chili and pineapple.
Mam presents Vietnamese cuisine in the best way. They are a group of gourmets, and the team really brings great Asian flavors that will make your eyes shine. Two people spend an average of £50, you are the winner, Wam bam thanks Mam.

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