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Bun House is not your usual restaurant. In fact, I would not actually call it a restaurant, but a pit stop, take-out tea room.
There are several chairs and tables on the main floor, and there is a quick service counter filled with huge Chinese steamers. But if you want to drink tea all day long in a more relaxed atmosphere, the first floor will provide you with another option.
Don’t compare buns with bags, they are completely different.
First of all, these buns are not open, bun hut is Cantonese style. Yes, they have the same fluffy texture, but these bad boys are closed, all made to order, all freshly made at home.
suddenly arrived to eat something. We ordered some breads. There was a variety of fillings to choose from on both sides, including meat, fish, veggies, and some sweet buns (I heard that pig’s blood is a must try).
Interestingly, chicken buns work with thighs marinated in miso and topped with a mild meat sauce, while veggie buns are packed with the earthy flavor of wild mushrooms and water chestnut.
This isn’t just about buns though, I highly recommend their fries too. No, it’s not the kind of fried duck tongue with potatoes, crispy and fragrant, they are a revelation, and it has gelatinous and crunchy gristle and bones, just the way I like it.
It is also worth mentioning that pickled shallots and lightly salted lotus root slices are also delicious. If you don’t like the tongue, trust me, it’s definitely worth it.
Don’t expect to eat enough at Bun House, because it is cheap and suitable for people in a hurry and theater audience, and its opening hours are very late. (I’m going to try the red chocolate bread made with pig’s blood again.) The idea of ​​
FoodPunk is to show the delicious food that London must offer, whether it is to go to various restaurants, eat in food markets or even find some hidden gem in the city center. Regardless of how it looks and tastes, I want to scream and get people involved, taste delicious food, and see some hot spots.

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