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Brisbane definitely deserves the title of “Sunshine State” because the temperature here is very hot, with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees.
When it doesn’t melt in the sun, Brisbane can provide a lot. Compared to Melbourne and Sydney, it may not be the largest city, or it may have the same appeal, but it is catching up quickly and becoming bigger and better.
places such as South Bank have bars, restaurants and nightlife venues, the River Stage hosts many concerts throughout the year, and the huge food center Eat Street offers some of the most delicious street food.
is not only Brisbane to explore, but also only an hour’s drive from the Gold Coast in the south and the Sunshine Coast in the north. The Gold Coast is famous for its golden beaches, theme parks and party lifestyle, while the Sunshine Coast is more suitable for those who want to relax and let time pass by.
The food trend in Brisbane is catching up with the rest of the world. More restaurants, pop-up shops and stalls began to appear, providing delicious food for everyone.
Il Centro is a must-have for class and sophistication. A well-respected and recommended Italian restaurant by the river, perfect for those warm summer nights. The view of the river is only the beginning of the experience, but when it comes to food, your eyes will not look anywhere else. It is simple, fresh and very delicious. Eating fresh seafood, especially when you are by the sea, is an easy task. The juicy prawns are heavenly first dressed in simple capers and chili sauce, and their specialties are equally attractive: succulent snapper with crispy skin, spread on a bed of angel hair, topped with sausage and corn Sauce. I rarely eat sweets, but their tiramisu is smooth and soft.
These peekers have a serious wing game. It is bold to call themselves the King of Wings, but they really have a wing to rule everyone in Queensland. There are many marinades that can please everyone with varying degrees of spice, and this gang wins on every level. Their chicken is moist and crispy, with too much sauce, you can almost take a bath in it. Get stuck and get dirty because your chicken and good dipping sauce will make your mouth drool. Also pay tribute to your meat pie. It is dipped back into a thick, dark sauce and covered with a thin layer of cheese. A person does not just come to this place alone. It falls in my circle of friends.
Burger time 69 is a place that you should discover carefully, because it is not the biggest place and it is easy to miss it. The guys at Burger Time 69 are located in the main area of ​​Bulimba, taking their burgers to a whole new level. Surprisingly, instead of offering all the traditional burgers with different fillings, I chose their Philadelphia cheese steak, stuffed with lots of meat and cheese, wrapped in a soft brioche bun and served with onion. You shouldn’t miss out on a crispy bacon and cheese stuffed fries and fries.

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