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Sydney is famous for Bondi Beach, the Harbour Bridge, and of course the Opera House, but unlike Melbourne and Brisbane, it is definitely more corporate. Think of Canary Wharf, but on a much larger scale. A charming harbour surrounded by calm waters, towering skyscrapers, major banks and corporate locations, in short, you almost own the center of Sydney.
may not sound like an attractive destination, but don’t forget that Sydney is a huge city. It’s not just about businesses, but there are a lot of things to do. You just need to do a little bit more research and do a little bit more insight. a little. There is enough entertainment to make everyone happy.
I spend most of my time in an area called Surry Hills, a cool, relaxed and charming suburb not far from the city. This is definitely a “hipster” area, full of awesome young people, full of individual pubs, bars and restaurants.
One of these restaurants worth trying is Folonomo (For Love Not Money). Folonomo has two goals: to create delicious dishes that celebrate multiculturalism in Sydney; second, donate 100% of the proceeds from the bill to charities. During the day it is a cafeteria and at night it becomes a relaxed and informal restaurant. There is nothing special about this place, honestly, it is not necessary. Just chairs, tables, and some candles. There is even a dining space in front of the chef who prepares the food in front of your eyes. Menu
is designed for sharing, with many tempting dishes to choose from. Small plates include traditional rich salty olives, crumbled feta cheese, and grilled pita to remove excess food. There are also crunchy halloumi sticks made with tapioca flour for extra crunch, stacked on a bed of sweet tomato sauce, and topped with Manchego cheese crumbs at the end. To make things more interesting, sobrasada on toast, a salted sausage made of chili powder, salt and garlic, applied generously on a piece of sourdough, must be enough.
Crudo (Italian and Spanish students) provides fresher and easier things. It’s basically a cerviche, fish cooked in citrus juice, topped with avocado oil, the flesh of passion fruit gives it a sweeter taste, and sharp and fresh dill is cut off on top.
I absolutely hate truffles, but the orecchiette is very impressive. It is not overwhelming and the smell is definitely easier to bear than other places I have been to. I have a new respect for it, and it pairs well with rich, velvety pumpkins and wilted vegetables.
As for pork chops, it smells like a bag. The dry aging process does give it a huge boost. Fresh garlic tzatziki, seasoned spinach and French fries are all free. What a hearty dish.
Dessert is as good as other foods. Simplicity is here. The buttermilk flan is smooth in texture, with a lukewarm apricot jam ball and healthy crunchy fennel seeds. As for the chocolate mousse, the flavor is rich and slightly bitter, but it has refreshing Campari slush and silky coconut. The cream complements it.
Folonomo is a shabby little place. The food is satisfying and affordable, but best of all, you have a reason to celebrate the food. Definitely put it on your list.

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