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Everyone is on the Smokestak train! This giant is quickly becoming the king of Shoreditch, with its highly recognizable industrial style restaurant and open kitchen, but more importantly, with its spectacular food to the East Side.
We sat a few inches away from the huge chunks of cut, smoked and grilled meat, all of which were in front of our eyes, and we really ordered the entire menu. Who can blame us for being such a magical place.
We start with sandwiches, which include thin wafers, marinated pork knuckles that melt in your mouth, bite-sized crispy beef cheeks, and my favorite sticky and crispy pork tail. Seriously, you don’t need to be polite, just make spare ribs.
These guys will not mess up the food, because soon a small plate full of buttery white rolls was delivered directly from the chef, filled with juicy sirloin and some spicy red marinade Chili, impressive pastrami slices accompanied by sauerkraut and kimchi, the last dish reached the daily calorie ration directly from the window: a thick slice of beef-soaked toast with a pile of plump wild mushrooms on top.
The boy and girl are just the beginning. We will not let anyone down, what shall we do? Because the food is getting better and better and more sexy.
If MTV creates my vegetable pimp, Smokestak will lead the way. Take the humble potato as an example. Here, they remove the pulp, give it a little love and affection, then stuff it back into a hard shell and cover it with an excess of viscous cheese. I have more saliva than Homer Simpson. Not only the jacket was stretched, but also the baby jewel with Morata walnut ash, shaved Parmesan and a handful of crispy bacon chunks. Chapter
is Greedy Sticky Caramel Pudding with Burnt Butter Ice Cream is the best champion of them all, but this is not to say that crushed plum is a weak dish, because let’s face it, sticky caramel pudding is a better option. We also tried some toasted oak ice cream and sadly this was the weakest link on a successful evening. Since I tried their menu at Street Feast a few years ago,
Smokestak has come a long way.
Of course he came out with all the gunfire… and thinks they say that smoking is harmful to your health. The whole idea of ​​
FoodPunk is to showcase the amazing food that London has to offer, whether it’s going to various restaurants, eating in a food market, or even looking for some hidden gems in the center of the city. Regardless of its appearance and taste, I want to yell, get people involved, eat some delicious food, and learn about some interesting places.

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