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Eat Street deserves a separate article on my Brisbane blog. My friends, this is the Shangri-La of the Queensland food world. Just like the street feast in London and the popular Brixton, eating street is Brisbane’s answer.
Words cannot describe how big this place is. It is huge and majestic, with an impressive scale. The containers have become many different food and beverage stalls, all of which are combined to produce a variety of enticing delicacies. With so many choices and places of awe, I may not even have touched one third of this place.
It is a unique experience On weekends, what better way than to enjoy a variety of delicious dishes by the sunny river. In this huge complex there are up to 180 food stalls, in the center there is a stage suitable for Glastonbury, with live music throughout. From sweet and savory foods to beverages, and even retail, Eat Street will not disappoint. Another good thing about this place is that it is not crowded. Well, it might get crowded, but at least you have room to move around without worrying about passing.
Eat Street will help Brisbane get on the food map. This is a huge blow to a city that is beginning to keep pace with the times. I believe it will not be long before Brisbane will be talked about like Melbourne. It has undoubtedly injected new life.
talk about food and drink. As I mentioned before, I barely touched the surface. If it was as simple as rewinding my heartbeat, that would be great. There are too many options, but this is by no means a negative point. Asian, European, African and South American cuisine has everything you need. Whatever you want, you can bet it’s there.
: 4 way Of course I do, how could I not? It would be very rude. The pork dumplings at Little Shanghai are amazing. These are not half cooked dumplings, they are filled with juicy pork in a soft but slightly crunchy crust. With a little soy sauce and vinegar sauce, there is a good example because they are very good, very good. The most appetizing thing is that the bathroom in Little Shanghai is huge. We are not talking about the small buns that we all know. Their buns are filled with selected duck meat, soy chicken and honey, fried chicken tempura and prawns, and finally a large handful or crunchy salad and sauce. Looking forward to a mess, looking forward to a bright smile.
Of course there will be chickens. I can’t buy enough good things. At Poulet y Porc, their chicken is very good and no sauce is needed. These little bad boys were lightly wrapped in seasoned bread crumbs. It was a treat, and in the end there was nothing but bones.
It is an insult to eat on the street and not to eat seafood. Oysters, squid, etc., everything.
At the seaside, fortunate to have abundant resources, I chose the Moreton Bay bug from the saltwaterman gang. Plump and juicy, carefully grilled with lime dill butter, I want more.

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