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Winning the National Burger Award this year is a great achievement, especially considering how many burger restaurants there are in the UK, but Cut + Grind pulled it off, and it’s clear why.
At Cut + Grind Its concept is very simple, choosing the best pieces of meat to make a simple and effective hamburger: patties-hips, mandrels, ribs, sides, etc.- and grinding inside to obtain what you need The product. The
meatloaf itself is a bit rough and rustic around the edges, but it is very meaty, juicy, and well seasoned. In addition, they come in two forms: lean meat (lean meat) and juicy (marbled), and then they are made in several ways: beef (aged meatloaf and bearnaise) and house (classic tomato and maple meat) bacon) .
This time, we chose the classic, and it didn’t stop the filling of this big man. There is a big thick burger in the bun, with thinly sliced ​​sweet kimchi, sticky cheddar cheese, crispy lettuce and a large piece of Baynes burger. The burgers are also served with healthy Belgian fries, cooked with beef or vegetable oil. Oh, and a serving of halloumi fries should not be missed.
Surprisingly, although it was a vegan burger that won the gold medal. Eggplant slices are cooked in a thick, sweet, golden miso glaze and topped with sesame salad, kimchi and spicy tomato sauce. The meaty texture and rich flavor of eggplant make it an excellent choice.
Cut + Grind also offers breakfast to get you ready for the day. Dishes include shakshouka eggs, breakfast burgers, and poached eggs with granola and sourdough.
The food, service, and overall location make Cut + Grind an ideal spot for casual day / night outings, and with a solid, decent burger that weighs an average of 10 pounds, you really can’t go wrong. The idea behind
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