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Chef Tom Brown is currently participating in this year’s Great British Menu. If the food at his Cornerstone restaurant is worth trying, it must be one of the most popular restaurants this year.
The name of this restaurant is inspired by the repertoire of Arctic Monkeys. Just like the band itself, this particular venue is a popular place in East London, and for good reason.
This is a bright, fresh and lively place, which also brings a modern and simple style. Tom and his team have skillfully made delicious dishes in the center of the restaurant.
When it comes to food, Cornerstone stands for seafood, and because of Tom’s Cornish’s background, it is second to none. Using the freshest products, fish occupies a central position. No nonsense, the ingredients are left to their own equipment. Dishes including grey mullet ceviche are the cleanest and freshest dishes you can buy. Small mullet pieces surrounded by super sweet and juicy cherry tomatoes are placed in a bowl, and the tomato sauce is ready to be chilled. The gazpacho itself is clean and refreshing.
Even blondes rarely make sashimi, just like blonde slices swimming in sweet sherry vinegar liqueur, accompanied by crunchy almond chunks and grape slices.
Continue to cold dishes, mackerel sauce is great. It has a smooth, silky and creamy base, delicately placed with sparkling mackerel flakes, seaweed extract and cucumber paper flakes. This is a sexy-looking dish waiting to be generously spread on the muffin-shaped molasses bread that comes with it.
As for the oysters, well, in general, they are a resounding denial of mine, but these plump, marinated bad boys have changed their views on them. Usually people don’t like the fresh taste of sea water, but Cornerstone garnishes this Cornish delicacy with pickled cucumbers, celery, dill and a drop of horseradish cream. Lower it down your throat, like me, you may be pleasantly surprised.
For meaty things, curry salmon is the winner. Once again, this is another cold option, but this firm fish has an unreal taste, with delicate Asian spices and seasonings on it, and an authentic carrot salad with a mild topping Curry oil.
Of course there are more spicy dishes, nothing better than cod. An incredibly hard, thick, and flaky piece of heaven, plus a delicious Cornerstone creamy hollandaise sauce, a crispy roasted zucchini slice, and a golden cod fillet.
Another popular item recommended is the premium smoked haddock pie. From the filling to the bottom, it is simply an excellent cooking pleasure. Using extra-ripe old-fashioned cheddar cheese as a powerful and rare ingredient, it tastes great, cake-wise, they’re just buttery and light, and they feel crisp to the touch.
Cakes and bread play a key role in certain dishes, and Cornerstone’s Butter Shrimp is just another example. This little cracked number oozes butter from the bottom of the fluffy muffin and absorbs all the rich flavor of the shrimp. There’s even a crisp fresh kohlrabi bite topped with cucumber and parsley to help reduce this richness.
Don’t miss the sour toast, whether it’s mixed with premium olive oil or burnt. We generously spread the salty butter everywhere.
Cornerstone is a first-class restaurant that has achieved great success. This is the whole meaning of food, simple and delicious, simple ingredients, minimal processing, occupy a central position. Recommend 8 dishes for 2 people to share, there is nothing to be disappointed, each dish steals the limelight in its own way. The whole idea of ​​
FoodPunk is to showcase the amazing food that London has to offer, whether it’s going to various restaurants, eating in a food market, or even looking for some hidden gems in the center of the city. Regardless of its appearance and taste, I want to yell, get people involved, eat some delicious food, and learn about some interesting places.

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