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Cheese, oh, glorious cheese. You don’t like FoodPunkers that mess things up around these things? I know I know The thicker the better, and the cheese bar is on hand to make all your cheesy dreams come true.
First, the price. Now I may postpone some of you because you may be wondering if I am willing to pay up to £7 for a grilled cheese sandwich. Well, in my opinion, not doing this is stupid. This is not Cereal Killer Café, where you will pay more than expected for a bowl of cereal, which is what I stupidly did (please someone slap me). No, this place is more serious because the cheese is much better than the inferior American wheat brand in the bowl. This is effortless.
Speaking of grilled cheese sandwiches, let me tell you, you get what you pay for. We ate some, including sausage wrapped in chihuahua (soft white cheese) and served with spicy jalapeno sauce. Another bad boy we ordered was cream goat cheese, topped with sweet honey, walnuts and lush rosemary butter. The Veggie team will be involved.
Of course, in addition to the famous grilled cheese, the bar also offers other options. Your side dishes will make many people smile, and it’s best to order large quantities because there are some delicious dishes to choose from.
Homemade Crust Rib Cake on French Fries, bathed in a rich black bacon sauce, topped with short ribs, crispy onions, and shredded cheese, this is a must.
Perhaps for us, our favorite is Marmite Malakoff. If you’re one of the nasty members of Marmite, it’s a shame because these things suffocate this sexy cheese ball. Slice the crispy golden sphere and watch the cheese lava seep through. It is a sight to see. Absolute paradise, not just so delicious.
So put regular cheese on the toast you made and then go to the cheese bar to buy some C.W.A. (Cheese with attitude). This union means serious things and it will stand.

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