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Time really flies so fast. It has been seven years since I last met Dharam Ramalogan, the chef/owner of Crouch Hill’s newly established Traiteur. This quaint little restaurant is still in its infancy, but it has undergone tremendous changes. When Traiteur first opened, it was more like a deli, producing home-cooked dishes that we all know and love, such as Scottish pastries and eggs. However, Durham wanted more and even publicly admitted that this was not the right formula. He took the courageous and courageous step of closing it and starting from the beginning (again).
Now, a few months later, this step is crucial. Make the most of his skills: Dharam has been trained in several Michelin-starred restaurants and now not only produces more exquisite food for his 22 snack restaurants, but also makes more exquisite food for his private events, which he does too .
Traiteur has a very united team. Durham’s full-time kitchen helper by his side oversees the meal. By the way, he makes the most hearty gazpacho, and there is a waiter who can control the previous procedure without much effort. Not only does this seem like a daunting task for the space you have to use, but you are doing well. They all click and sing with the same score, which makes this place ticked. The attention to the details of the menu and the attention to the customers are in place. I noticed that Dharam would go out and talk to his clients from time to time, explaining his spirit and goals to Traiteur.
The food itself is simple, well-made, and most importantly, absolutely delicious. Their modern menu of British and European cuisine changes with the seasons, using only the freshest local ingredients. Complimentary (tasteful) sandwiches include beef tartare, charred artichokes with sauce, quail eggs with morcia, and aricini with porcini mushrooms, although they satisfy your taste buds and make you want more, but compared to what follows.
Do you remember the gazpacho I mentioned earlier? Well, it is highly recommended. The refreshing, sharp and slightly spicy flavor, together with the creamy freshly caught crabs, will take you to a very happy place. It is one of those foods that aspire to be the best dish at Time Outs in London. Not only vegetarians can eat it, because crab is optional. Everyone is a winner. Speaking of award-winning dishes, Traiteur made a great steak slice, and I quickly erased it. The delicious and rare steak is a classic, made of fluffy fudge potatoes, sticky pressed beef cheeks, seasoned kale, roasted shallots, and velvety smooth onion puree.
A appointment with a vegetarian will allow me to eat more meatless dishes, including a simple but large plate of crunchy polenta, fresh green beans and beans, and two delicious feta cheeses. All these rich and delicious foods left me enough space for dessert. Now I rarely like sweets. The cheese board in front is very attractive. Believe me, this is a place to see, but I was very relaxed and ate a cream half fredo with mint and strawberries on it.
This menu is just the beginning of Dharam and his business. For those on a tight budget, the food here is perfect for serving classics effortlessly. There is no doubt that once Traiteur has adapted to its new environment and structure, and Dharam has made the menu the way he wants, people will hear more about this place. Remember, this is a new beginning for this place, and with the positive response from the locals, it is only a matter of time before more and more people flock to Crouch Hill to see this great restaurant. Check out this space to take a look.

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