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Tooting Broadway has way too many takeout places, but on top of that, there’s a cool suburban restaurant across from the tube station called Bellpassi Bros
. This is no ordinary Italian restaurant. Belpassi Brothers waves the Italian flag to celebrate Maru’s humble meat. created some of the simplest and most beautiful dishes in South London, and they’re not messy. In early
, we ordered a round of crispy, gooey, cheesy Arincini, served with sweet tomato sauce and slathered with chicken liver on toast. However, the red onion jam on top is too sweet.
His meatballs won a great victory. Angus beef and Duroc pork and other options are great, especially when paired with amatriciana, a spicy tomato sauce with smoked bacon. I have macaroni with butter, but you can also eat polenta or chili if you want. As for vegetarians, Belpassi Bros vegetarian balls are very popular, retaining the dense fleshy texture, but with all the plant-based flavors and flavors. If you are really hungry, there are also many tempting side dishes, rosemary garlic fries are the first choice, because they will not stingy with rosemary or garlic.
In order to complete a creamy and refreshing ice cream, I had a meal. The charming and chatty staff of
Brothers serves delicious pasta dishes for less than £10, which is a popular sight in the Tooting area. Belpassi Bros has come a long way since their food truck era. Let it last for a long time. The whole idea of ​​
FoodPunk is to showcase the amazing food that London has to offer, whether it’s going to various restaurants, eating at a food market, or even looking for some hidden gems in the center of the city. Regardless of its appearance and taste, I want to yell and get people involved, eat some delicious food, and learn about some interesting places.

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