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Beer and Buns is a great place for informal gatherings without spending any money. Located on the K10 floor, next to Liverpool Street Station, this place is a convenient little place, perfect for those who just want to kick back, relax and catch up on work, especially after a busy day at the office.
The food and drinks served here are not out of any world imagined, but it is decent food that can satisfy and please the public. It’s not expensive, the portion is very good and it definitely pairs well with the crisp Japanese craft beer. In addition to food and drink, Beer and Buns has a great playlist that pays tribute to some of the best old school / junk rock / alternative rock bands and retro pinball machines that we’ve had the pleasure of listening to in recent years. 30 years or so (Free game!) And foosball, there are additional rewards there.
The food and menu back to this place is what you expect to see: fast, simple, relaxing and incredibly satisfying. Trust me, you can break the entire menu among a large group of people. It is more like a snack scene, very suitable for this type of environment. The menu includes Hirata Buns-soft pillow-shaped buns filled with various fillings, such as a large slice of pork belly (unfortunately not crispy with fat), soft shell crab with tempura (my favorite), katsu eggplant, tender chicken karachi Wait. These bad boys are a great choice to fill this gap. The
snack and side dish options pair well with buns, dumplings and crispy chicken wings (Korean spicy flavor)-not disappointing at all! -Both are super crunchy on the outside and are a delicious snack, especially when you have an extra piece of cold sauce. The
chip has been given a slightly more colorful transformation. Cheesy Korean French fries have a slightly sweet and hot top with a lot of cheese on top, while Japanese fries have a sweet curry paste that is also loaded with a lot of cheese.
Beer and Buns is a great place to hang out in the city. Forget about the world for a while and enjoy hanging out and wandering in one of the coolest places in London. Offering decent food and refreshing Japanese beer at great prices, this place is worth a visit. The idea behind
FoodPunk is to showcase the delicious food that London must offer, whether it’s to go to different restaurants, eat at a food market or search for some hidden gems in the city center. Regardless of how it looks and tastes, I want to scream and get people involved, taste delicious food, and see some hot spots.

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