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I finally had the opportunity to eat at Padella. It’s worth the wait? Yes, it is simple. Don’t get me wrong now, I have tried to go there several times, but I go regularly, 7 days a week, the line is so long, I admit, they just don’t bother me. But to my surprise, the queue wasn’t that long when I arrived, and the waiting time wasn’t that long. Thank goodness for the bar, thank you Padra for your credit, my table was ready half an hour before I planned to go back.
So why is Padella a popular restaurant? Restaurant
is all Italian cuisine. Fresh and simple dishes cooked with passion. It really is the best single. There is no disguise in this place, and the people who make Padella successful love the passion they always create for their customers. Both upstairs and downstairs may be a bit cozy, but don’t let this disappoint you, because Padella will remind you of delicious pasta. My suggestion is to order at least three dishes to share and make the most of them.
All the pasta is made in-house, which will definitely make a big difference, and the food must taste much better. It’s cheap and cheerful. People who think Padella is expensive are barking frantically.
Eating appetizers before the main event is always a good start. Padella green olives are plump and juicy, and the salinity makes them more delicious. As for the cider and seaweed salami, it will melt in your mouth. Put a slice of delicious salami on some homemade sourdough bread and drizzle with a little olive oil. This is the definition of heaven. Ask for more olive oil, that’s great.
Italian toast is also worth mentioning and highly recommended. Similarly, it is made with Padella’s homemade sourdough, topped with soft creamy Canellini beans and Salsa Rossa, an oven-baked sweet pepper sauce.
It’s hard not to be attracted by what other people have, especially when they are actually a stone’s throw away, because Padella’s main course looks and smells like a blow. There are no two ways to do it. All their dishes use a variety of pasta. This is the correct material. At home, we are used to putting piles of sauce on top of pasta. Here, it is done the right way, the fresh pasta is covered with sauce and not submerged in the pasta. The balance and ratio of pasta and sauce is perfect.
Gnocchi is soft and fluffy, blended with delicious, smooth and silky sage butter and nutmeg. A perfect game, 4 pounds is a steal.
For larger dishes, the soft mozzarella has a nice coating from the fennel and pepper sausage rag, it also has good calories, but the pepper, lemon, and Italia crab meat are the winners for me. There are a lot of soft, flaky crabs in the pasta, and the classic combination of chili and lemon is very delicious.
If you are seen as a patient person, Padella is worth the wait. It is fresh pasta, fast, very well done and the price is unbeatable. The restaurant is next to the Boluo market, which will only increase your appetite. Let me join that queue and I’ll wait patiently this time.

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