0 2 min 3 mths
Fry the mushrooms in the butter until golden brown.
Deglaze with sherry vinegar and halve.
Add honey and soy sauce, halve and add chicken broth. Simmer for 15 minutes on low heat, then add shredded ginger and let it soak.
Gradually add beurre nosette (brown butter) that can be made a day in advance.
Mix all of the above ingredients into a thick paste .
Use this to season the duck legs. (If you want to eat more delicately, add more than 50 grams of the mixture to 1 kg of duck thighs and refrigerate for a day). If time permits, turn it every few hours.
On the day of nesting, wash the duck feet, put them in duck fat and marinate over low heat (140 ° C ???) for 34 hours until soft.
When your guest arrives, put the duck leg skin in a nonstick skillet, add a little duck fat, and heat to perfection.
Put the crispy duck leg in a bowl and pour it over the beautiful warm broth. Add cooked peas, raw? ? Chinese cabbage…Look! ! ! You have your pot au feu `Asiatique`.
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