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Chinese cuisine is about powerful woks. Ken Hom does not travel alone, who can blame him? They are undoubtedly the key to authentic oriental cuisine.
A. However, Wong went further, showing that Oriental cuisine is more than just wok. No, my friends, this is not a great wok restaurant, this is a place that increases accuracy, level and quality at the same time.
We are used to seeing Chinese food in aluminum foil containers, when it comes to take-out, or in large bowls that look rich and delicious. This is certainly not wrong, but A. Wong brings style and substance to every meal. It is carefully crafted, well thought out, brings a deep flavor to the palette, and looks beautiful.
lives up to expectations. Like Yautcha, A. Wong is taking Chinese food to another level.
restaurant attracts customers with different menu choices, such as a 10-course tasting menu, aptly named “Chinese Taste”. Diners here can try A. Wong’s dishes, showing different styles of food in the country.
In addition, the restaurant also prepared a classic, we all know, love this country: Beijing roast duck. It won’t be your standard swamp style though, the chef needs 48 hours notice to set off this tempting dish.
The tasting menu and Peking duck are a must for any gourmet, but we decided to choose some dishes from the evening menu and go our own way and destination.
A. Wong’s snack basket reminds me of my time in Hong Kong. Exquisite and elegant, he added a few little details to make it special, like adding citrus foam and airy, crisp pork skin to the shaomai and shrimp dumplings. Their steamed meatballs have ginger vinegar soup inside, which is clean and refreshing.
Goldfish meatballs are of very good quality. Yes, the large plate of snacks looks good, but more interesting is the combination of foie gras and grilled pork. Foie gras may have nothing to do with Chinese food, but it is effective on this special occasion.
Shrimp Stuffed Chicken Wings are so delicious that you need to do something, especially when they need to be dipped in black bean sauce. It doesn’t matter if you are in a high-end restaurant, they appear on the menu for a reason, because chicken wings are hand-made, and when it comes to chicken, corn-fed sweet and sour chicken is best for you. Reach this part of the city.
is meat for us, we can’t stop ordering Dongpo pork. A delicious braised belly, defatted and non-fat, but soft and tender, stewed with sweet wine sauce.
Of course, the wok must appear at some point and provide a plate of excellent flat rice noodles, mixed with onions, crispy bean sprouts and Scottish beef cubes, and a plate of fried rice. Oyster extract and seeds. Wagyu beef, served with lettuce as the base.
A. Huang is amazing. It’s definitely better than what you get in Chinese venues, and it’s not just sweet and sour.
is much more than that. Like duck, how can you not be curious to go there and taste the authenticity of Chinese food for yourself?
It is such a place that makes me proud. Someone is willing to advocate Far Eastern cuisine that is comparable to many high-end restaurants in London. The idea behind
FoodPunk is to showcase the delicious food that London must offer, whether it’s to go to different restaurants, eat at a food market or search for some hidden gems in the city center. Regardless of how it looks and tastes, I want to scream and get people involved, taste delicious food, and see some hot spots.

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